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  • White Chocolate Raspberry Bread of the Month New

    Try this delicious specialty bread in July only! Top with whipped cream or ice cream. Delish!

  • Save on Sliced Cheese!

    Save 50 cents when ordered for delivery in July. Great on hamburgers! Try Sliced Medium Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, or Colby Jack Cheese from Tillamook.

  • Campers’ Mac and Cheese

    Have you ever made camp style Mac and Cheese? All you need is a few simple ingredients and a skillet for a fun, delicious dinner. See MoooRecipes.com for the instructions.

  • Campers’ Eggs

    Get ready for a day of activities with this protein-packed, one-pan breakfast. View Recipe

  • When it’s hot, hydrate with Lemonade

    Longmont Dairy Farm Raspberry and Original Lemonades are made with pure lemon juice, 20% less sugar, and no corn syrup! It’s a hydrating drink the kids will love.

  • Bread of the Month

    Try Lemon Bread in June. Delicious for breakfast and makes an easy dessert with fruit and whipped cream on top.

  • One Dollar off Colorado Cold Brew

    Save one dollar in June. Try our three flavors of Colorado Cold Brew: Black, French Vanilla Latte, or New Orleans Style. Slow-brewed for over 24 hours, it is low-acid and rich in flavor.

  • New! Silver Canyon Blend of the Month

    Limited quantities. Try Silver Canyon Coffee’s special roast, Colombia La Mina, a light/medium roast that is bright and naturally sweet with notes of ripe cherry, grape and milk chocolate. This is a special, high-end bagged coffee (beans). Order now. For details, View details

  • New! Beef Lasagna Bowl Meal Kits

    This quick and easy skillet meal will help you put dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes! Each kit includes a flavor packed beef marinara sauce, pasta, roasted red peppers, a four cheese ricotta blend and provides 2-3 entrée servings. View details

  • Thank you!

    A big thank you for helping us raise funds for the Yahweh Health Care Clinic (YHCClinic.org). Founded by Katy Boyd-Trull, MD, their medical workers minister to the under-served in our community. Through donations from sales of our Colorado Cold Brew Coffee, we raised $1400 to send to them.

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