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Important Notices

  • Brats on the BBQ New

    Fire up the grill and get dinner going! Choose either Charcutnuvo Dale's Pale Ale Beer Brat or Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst for a classic tailgate taste. Add sliced potatoes, onions, and peppers in a foil packet to complete a simple, hearty meal.

  • Don’t Forget to try Root Beer Milk New

    Made with 2% milk, and all-natural ingredients it is a smooth and creamy treat. Available through July.

  • Temporary Fuel Surcharge

    Effective Monday June 13th, we will be implementing a temporary fuel surcharge of 15 cents per delivery. We have tried to absorb as much of the increase as we have been able the last few months, however we need to put this into place until regular gas is back below $4/gallon. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Father’s Day Pizza Faces

    Get the kids involved with creating their own Pizza Faces for Dad! This recipe is as simple as creating a masterpiece with the ingredients they like best.

  • Fresh Brewed Black Tea

    Longmont Dairy fresh brewed Black Tea features a traditional, delicious flavor with the convenience of delivery. Enjoy it cold, hot, or sweetened. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time! It makes a great 3rd order item.

  • Fudge Fantasy Cookies are Back!

    Mary’s Mountain Fudge Fantasy Cookie Dough will be available for delivery in June and July. Order now and fill your kitchen with "home-baked" aromas.

  • Lemonade and Tea

    Take along your favorite cold beverage when hitting the road on a hot summer day. Our Lemonade and Tea is refreshing and delicious!

  • Visit Your Local Farmers' Market

    The Farmers' Market is the place to go if you want fresh, locally grown produce. Show your support for local sustainability and meet the farmers in your community. View the 2022 Farmers' Market schedule at https://longmontdairy.com/farmers-market.

  • Try Lemon Bread in June

    The fresh zing of lemon and summer go hand-in-hand! That's why a loaf of the Specialty Bread this month is a delicious, sweet treat to pack for any outing.

  • Root Beer Milk Returns!

    Made with 2% milk, and all-natural ingredients it is a smooth and creamy treat. Available in June and July

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