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Important Notices

  • Campfire Nachos

    This cheesy favorite is a simple way to please everyone around the campfire. View the recipe at mooorecipes.com

  • Brats on the BBQ

    Fire up the grill and get dinner going! Choose either Charcutnuvo Dale's Pale Ale Beer Brat or Pork Jalapeño Cheddar Bratwurst for a classic tailgate taste. Add sliced potatoes, onions, and peppers in a foil packet to complete a simple, hearty meal.

  • Try Lemon Bread in June

    Don’t forget to order lemon bread. The fresh zing of lemon and summer go hand‑in-hand! That's why a loaf of the Specialty Bread this month is a delicious, sweet treat to pack for any outing.

  • Iced Tea or Lemonade and Tea

    Take along your favorite cold beverage when hitting the road on a hot summer day. Our Fresh Brewed Black Tea, or Lemonade and Tea, are refreshing.

  • Root Beer Milk

    A perfect on-the-road treat! Get the flavor of a root beer float without packing ice cream. Available in June and July.

  • When it’s hot, hydrate with Lemonade

    Longmont Dairy Farm Raspberry and Original Lemonades are made with pure lemon juice, 20% less sugar, and no corn syrup! It’s a hydrating drink the kids will love.

  • Try Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

    Don’t forget to order Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. It’s the delicious Bread of the Month. May only. Order now.

  • New! Beef Taco Kits!

    Introducing Prefare Meals latest 15-minute dinner offering! Our Classic Beef Taco Kit includes a full pound of fully cooked, seasoned ground beef plus all the fixings for a family-pleasing meal. Try them soon!

  • More New Flavors!

    We have added Cinnamon Raisin Original Bagels and Garden Vegetable Philadelphia Cream Cheese for extra variety to start your day with a quick, easy breakfast on the go!

  • Mobile App Now Available!

    Now you can easily manage and change your standing order, add or remove items from your next order, skip a delivery if you will be out of town, or set reminders to change your orders, all from the convenience of your phone. If you have not done so already, search for Longmont Dairy on either the Apple or Android app store and download it now!

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