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Important Notices

  • New Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Flavor! New

    Peanut Butter Cookie Dough starts January 16th. They are easy to bake from Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

  • Hope Hummus available only while supplies last.

    Order in January, while supplies last. After inventory runs-out, we will no longer carry Hope Hummus.

  • The Oatmeal Variety Pack is here!

    Try these delicious flavors: Orange Cranberry Toasted Pecan, Toasted Almond, Gingered Pecan, and Chia Cherry Berry Oatmeal. Enjoy Biscotti Variety 4-Packs are available now.

  • Protect your Bottles from Freezing

    When it’s extra cold, leave a blanket in your milk box so we can bundle up your delivery!

  • 50¢ Off Pro-to-Go in January

    Boost your Protein with Chocolate or Vanilla Pro-to-Go as a meal replacement or snack with 14 grams of protein per 8 oz. glass.

  • Need a Pick-me-up?

    Noosa Yoghurt makes a delicious, healthy snack any time of the day. Keep some on hand. Order 6 or more for only $2.69/each.

  • Deliveries on December 26 and January 2

    Just a reminder that we will be delivering on the observed holidays for Christmas and New Years Day - on Monday the 26th and Monday the 2nd. Remember to bring your products in.

  • Avoid Frozen Bottles

    Please put a blanket in your cooler so we can bundle your box and prevent your milk from freezing. Be careful of extra cold bottles. Frozen milk can be thawed in the sink and then refrigerated. Removed the cap as it thaws.

  • Christmas Brunch Mimosas

    Order Orange Juice or Apple Cider to make delicious Mimosas for Christmas morning. More on OJ and more on Apple Cider.

  • Holiday Wishes

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our friends and family!


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