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Important Notices

  • Foaming Milk for your Coffee New

    Just whisk ¼ cup milk in a microwave-proof jar or bowl, until it foams Microwave the foam milk for about 20 to 39 seconds. Dollop form on top of Silver Canyon Coffee. Yummy!

  • Poetry Contest Winners Announced New

    Congratulations to all our student poets who entered the 23rd Annual Poetry Contest. They wrote about "A Day in the Life of a Cow" and you won’t believe what some of those cows did!

  • When it’s hot, hydrate with Lemonade

    Most of us, and especially kids, don’t drink enough water when it’s hot. Add lemonade to your order, for only $2.99 in May, and make hydrating easy and delicious.

  • Noosa makes a delicious, nutritious snack.

    Taste creamy Noosa for 25 cents off each tub delivered in May. It tastes so yummy, you will feel guilty about eating it for breakfast. But it’s filled with protein and nutrients that will wipe away those guilt pangs.

  • Celebrate a Mother!

    Remember that Sunday is Mothers’ Day. Start the day with smooth and locally roasted Silver Canyon Coffee. Make breakfast for your favorite Mom. Check out Mooorecipes.com for delicious egg casseroles, smoothies and baked treats. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Remember Milk Caps for Mooola

    Hey Kids! Before summer vacation arrives, remember to take your Longmont Dairy bottle caps to your participating school. For more about the program that returns cash to local schools, visit: http://longmontdairy.com/milk-caps-for-mooola/

  • Root Beer Milk is Here!

    Try 2%, all natural, caffeine free Root Beer Milk! It’s a delicious way to add the nutritional benefits of milk to your diet. Serve as dessert or for a mid-day snack. Creamy, smooth and delicious.

  • Save on Lemonade in May

    Only $2.99 per half gallon in May. Made with pure lemon juice, 20% less sugar and no corn syrup. Regular or Raspberry lemonade is refreshing and delicious.

  • 25 Cents Off Noosa

    Save on Noosa in May. Try one of our great flavors and taste the creamy freshness of locally made Noosa.

  • New! Root Beer Milk

    Creamy, all natural, caffeine free, 2% Root Beer Milk starts May 1st. It’s like a Root Beer Float without the bubbles. Delicious!


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